Christmas Wish List

 acnc-registered-charity-logo_rgbGive the gift of hope this Christmas.

BTPA has created a ‘wish list’ of items which will make a real difference for the children of Bahay Tuluyan.

All of these items are ‘virtual gifts’. This means that your donation gives BTPA the power to purchase the item, on your behalf, in the Philippines. In exchange, you will receive a voucher explaining your donation, which you can pass onto the intended recipient. To receive your voucher, please email and they will be emailed to you ASAP.


By donating to BTPA, you can be assured that your donation will go directly to supporting the children of Bahay Tuluyan. In fact, we are so anxious not to lose any money on overheads, we have added an option to ‘Cover the cost of PayPal fees’ or you can simply email your list to Clare and put the money directly into our bank account. There is also an option if you live in the Philippines.

baby-chicks10 Chicks $8

Bahay Tuluyan’s youth gain skills by raising chickens, naturally, for meat and eggs. This also helps us feed our hungry hordes. Can you help us with 10 baby chicks?

Rice Seeds

Rice Seeds $10

Bahay Tuluyan is working hard to become food and financially sustainable. We need to buy rice seeds to grow the 450+ sacks of rice we grow each year. Can you help us?


Christmas Hamper for a Family $18

Christmas is a hard time to have to work on the street for your food. Our Christmas grocery packs make sure families get at least one day of the year to celebrate together without hitting the streets.

School Uniform

 School Uniform and Bag for 1 Child $35

With your support a child who would otherwise not be able to go to school will be provided with a new school uniform and school bag to help get them studying.

Electric fan

Electric Fan for Children’s Bedroom $35

In a tropical climate electric fans are an important appliance – they not only keep it cool but also keep mosquitoes away when our children are sleeping. We need electric fans for each of our 12 houses for children.


100kg of Healthy Fruit and Vegetables $60

While we have started growing lots of our own healthy vegetables, it is hard keeping up with the demand of hundreds of hungry kids! Help us keep them healthy with fresh, nutritious vegetables.

Native Pig

A Native Pig $75

Your sponsorship will allow us to buy a female pig as a piglet. Youth from Bahay Tuluyan will help care for it, naturally, until it is able to breed and produce more piglets – a part of Makabata Nature Farms, a social enterprise run by Bahay Tuluyan that is helping us become sustainable.

Hygiene Kits

Hygiene Kits for 20 Children $75

A hygiene kit including toothpaste, toothbrush, hair comb, soap and shampoo will be given, in your name, to 20 children with whom Bahay Tuluyan works.


Mattress _ pillow

Mattress and Pillow for 1 Child $90

Each night Bahay Tuluyan houses an average of 80 children. Your support will help make sure that we can continue to provide appropriate beds for our children.

Medical support

Emergency Medical Support $135

Caring for hundreds of children every year we unfailingly run into medical emergencies. Your support can help make sure that we have the extra cash we need to buy medicines or tests when we need them.

Training for youth

Training for 1 Youth for 1 Month $135

Your support will help an out of school youth undergo one month of training in one of Bahay Tuluyan’s social enterprises, giving him or her a better chance of breaking the cycle of poverty.

Meal for Preschooler

Meals for 1 Preschool Child for 1 year $240

With your help Bahay Tuluyan will be able to provide one street-based preschooler with a meal each school day for one year. Help stop the impact of malnutrition!

Education 2

Education for 1 Child for 1 Year $360

Education is technically free in the Philippines but children need money to pay for paper, pencils, books, assignments and other contributions. Your sponsorship will allow us to provide these on behalf of one child for one whole year!

New Tyres

A New Set of Tyres $450

When this van hits the road, the children come running. Directly reaching 200 – 300 children each week, Bahay Tuluyan’s mobile unit is key to our street based and drop in programs and it really needs a set of new tyres for us to stay safe. Can you help?




College Tuition $1300

The best way to break the cycle of poverty is to educate youth. We are sending 12 youth through college this year. Can you help us pay for their tuition?


Cover the cost of the PayPal Fee $2

PayPal charges BTPA $0.30 plus 2.6% of total cost (eg. $2.90 for $100 worth of donations). We do our best to keep our overheads to an absolute minimum. Please consider helping to cover the cost of this admin fee. Alternatively, complete the form below and pay via bank transfer.

Which country are you in?

There are different options if you are donating from the Philippines, Australia or other countries.

Donating from Australia or another country (not the Philippines)


Click on the above button to finalise your order. PayPal offers the opportunity to pay by credit card or by using a PayPal account.

Alternatively, complete the email form below to avoid passing the PayPal transaction fees onto BTPA. Simply list which items you would like to donate and then pay via cheque or bank transfer. Every dollar counts!


Please make cheques out to ‘Bahay Tuluyan Philippines Australia Inc’ and mail them to:

21 Cooper St
Essendon 3040

Bank Transfer:

When you make a transfer, please email so that your transfer can be accounted for.
Account Name: BTPA Inc.
BSB: 033 000
A/N: 966 498

Donating from the Philippines

Bank Transfer:

When you make a transfer, please email so that your transfer can be accounted for.

Account Name:       Bahay Tuluyan

Bank:                        Bank of the Philippine Islands

Account:                   Savings Account

Account Number:  4943049276

Branch:                    Harrison Plaza, Adriatico St, Malate Manila

SWIFT Code:          BOPIPHMM

Branch Code:         494