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Orders have now closed for 2022. Thanks to everyone who has supported us. We have raised over $1400!

We have requested a 5/12 delivery date to Essendon. When we have an exact delivery date, we will let you know via email and this page.

 Please email Mona –  treasurer@btpa.org.au – to confirm your order and pick up location (Essendon or Diamond Creek).

If you are ordering on behalf of others, please make it clear who is paying for / picking up the order. We will notify you when we have an arrival date for the mangoes and give possible collection times. 


    To download our recipe book full of delicious mango recipes as a PDF, click here. We hope you enjoy these recipes and the mangoes as much as we do. Thank you for your support and we look forward to next year.


    Common  Questions

    Where are the mangoes from?

    The mangoes come from the Bowen Mango Farm in Queensland. They are premium mangoes. The box includes mangoes at various stages of ripeness – which means you can enjoy them slowly.

    How many mangoes do I get?

    With the return of a solid crop, your box will contain 13-24 mangoes weighing 7kg.

    Can I order for other people?

    Yes, however please be clear in your email about who you are ordering for. It is very confusing when someone orders 10 boxes and then only collects 2 and we need to work out who the other 8 are for.

    Or when someone turns up to collect a box that was ordered under another name. We order the exact number of boxes and want to be sure that everyone who has ordered gets their delivery.


    When will the mangoes be ready?

    We are expecting the delivery in early December. When we know the exact date, we will email everyone. Please try to pick up the mangoes within the first 3-4 days as they are in their prime. 

    Where is the pickup?

    Please nominate whether you would like to pick up your mangoes from Essendon or Diamond Creek. You can select your address by emailing clare@btpa.org.au When we confirm the date we will email you with the exact address. Please also provide a phone number in case we need to contact you.

    Is there a Limit?

    No, order away! But orders strictly close at midday on Sunday 23rd October.