Fair Trade group

BTPA sells heaps of different fairtrade goods source directly from the makers in the Philippines.

BTPA sells heaps of different fair trade goods source directly from the makers in the Philippines.

BTPA sources handmade goods from the Philippines to raise funds for Bahay Tuluyan. By selling goods from the Philippines, BTPA is encouraging fair trade and fair working conditions for Filipino families. ‘Recreate Philippines’ are goods which are created by Bahay Tuluyan youth in the Phlippines. The participation of children is designed to be ‘child friendly’ and is limited to children over the age of fifteen. Participation by children is voluntary, working conditions are safe and ethical, appropriate compensation is provided and work does not interfere with children’s education. All production work is monitored to ensure that it is appropriate to the child’s age and development and that it will contribute to the advancement of the child’s skills.

At our base in Essendon, volunteers meet to prepare goods to be ready for sale. This includes simple jobs such as tagging, labelling and packaging. If you have a couple of hours free on a Thursday, please join us for a cup of tea and a chat while helping children of the Philippines at the same time.

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