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Play Club

Young kids come from the street to attend Bahay Tuluyan’s ‘Play Club’. This program encourages children to learn through play and is run in their new centre in Manila.

BTPA believes that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. The BTPA Education Group are responsible for both the organisation of KidsView and the creation of resources to send to the Philippines.

Bahay Tuluyan’s new home in Manila includes a bridging classroom for out-of-school youth and a play club for younger street children. The challenge for the bridging classroom is to engage the young people in learning and to build their literacy and numeracy to a level that will allow them to fit back into mainstream schooling. The play club is an innovative program which engages preschool aged street children in learning that is fun and stimulating. Currently, the classroom does not have the resources it requires to offer these programs. We need help from teachers and other educational professionals to assist in creating programs that can be easily implemented by volunteers at the centre.

KidsView is BTPA’s largest advocacy program, bringing the concepts of social justice, equality and children’s rights to Australian classrooms. Every year, KidsView visits multiple schools, runs conferences and talks to thousands of students. The Education Group is tasked with the job of:

  • creating conference workshops
  • booking schools and conferences
  • promoting the event
  • running workshops at conferences
  • preparing teacher and student packs

If you are unable to commit to the group, but can help out at one or two conferences, we would still love to hear from you!

The group tends to meet twice a term on a week-night.

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