Want huge learning mats for your classroom?

Want to promote kinesthetic learning, engagement and consolidation of core skills?


Our ‘Maths Mats’ are large, high quality, full colour, durable, washable tarpaulin mats for classrooms. They are big enough for children to stand on individual squares and jump between them.

We have all items in stock for immediate sale. We will also continue to take personalised orders, but there will be a short wait for the goods to be delivered from the Philippines.

All proceeds will go to providing education for children in the Philippines as part of our ‘1000 Years of School’ campaign.

How big are the mats?

The mats will be approximately 3m x 2m. They are designed to fit in a classroom, with enough room for the children to stand on them as ‘counters’.

What are the different types of mats?

  • Hundreds Chart (with 0 at the start of the first row)
  • Tens Frame (three tens frames on one mat, can be cut apart)
  • Counter dots (eights sets of 15 – 120 in total!)
  • Multiplication Chart (with factors 1 – 12)
  • Blank Number Lines (one just a line, one with end markers, one with 5 markers, one with 10 markers)
  • Or whatever you suggest!

Can I design my own?

Yes! If you have an idea or a preference for how the concepts are expressed (eg. odd numbers coloured), please email Anne with a design or an idea. We can print anything! It is important to consider how the image will look when enlarged.

Some schools have printed paths / mazes for robots to follow.

Some schools have printed back drops for productions (email for quote).

Some have printed Literacy Mats (alphabet, phonics, blends).

You are only limited by your imagination.

What do they cost?

Mats are $150 each.

Orders of 5 or more = $100 each

Postage – if you are ordering stock in Australia, free within Melbourne metro or can be picked up from Essendon or Eltham.

If you are ordering stock which requires printing and would like speedy delivery, please email for a postage quote. Otherwise, we will send it back to Australia with the next visitor to the Philippines.

How do I order?

Complete the attached order form. If you have any queries, please email Anne – anne.hibbert@aus.bahaytuluyan.org

We will generate an invoice and confirm availability of stock / delivery as soon as possible.

Note: when you press ‘Submit’ it will say ‘Processing’ for a solid minute – don’t panic, it is working. Then it will have a success message in its place. If this appears, the form has been successfully submitted. Anne will be in contact with you ASAP.