Selling Fair Trade Products

Selling sustainable products is a great way to support BTPA and support ethical producers in the Philippines. You might also get some great gift ideas!

Where are the products from?

Bahay Tuluyan works with local producers in the Philippines to source ethical and sustainable products with fair trade standards. These fixed price goods provide a meaningful and sustainable income to children, women and their communities in the Philippines. By paying producers a fair price, Bahay Tuluyan is able to have a greater impact to its wider community. Made with love and laugher, children are given the opportunity to make jewellery and other beautiful crafts. Working in safe and fair working environments, these young people are able to earn extra money that is partially saved for their education.

Where can I sell them?

These fair trade and sustainable products are great for school fetes, barbecues, shop counters, local markets and Mother’s day stalls.

We are also starting ‘Fair Trade Parties’. Host an afternoon tea with your friends and one of our volunteers will attend to showcase the range of products available for sale. If you are interested in hosting a ‘Fair Trade Party’, please contact Clare.

What do I do next?

Items are stored in Essendon, Victoria. Please contact Clare to arrange pick up, discuss the possibility of hand-delivery or delivery using Australia Post. All unsold goods can be returned to BTPA.