Why are Bahay Tuluyan needed in the Philippines?

BTPA is dedicated to supporting the work of Bahay Tuluyan in the Philippines. The Philippines has a young population with more than 35% aged 0-14. From a population of 93 million, 23% are estimated to live below the poverty line, mostly women and children.

On a walk around Manila, it is easy to see children begging at car windows, searching through rubbish bins and eking out a living. The children are vulnerable to predators, traffic, unsanitary conditions, food contamination and malnutrition. When you speak to the dedicated staff of Bahay Tuluyan, you discover a horrible undercurrent of injustice and vulnerability.

Bahay Tuluyan is a well recognised part of the Filipino community. It is highly respected for the work that it does and the difference that it makes to the children. BT won a 2015 Stars Award to acknowledge its impact. When the BT mobile unit parks at the local park, the children come from everywhere. They know that the van, packed with staff and volunteers, is a place to have something to eat and drink and a place to play and learn.

What does Bahay Tuluyan do?

  • BT gives children a voice – it adovocates for the most vulnerable children to protect their rights. This includes Children’s Rights marches, advocating to government, publishing research, rescuing children from inappropriate imprisonment and, perhaps most importantly, teaching children to stand up for their own rights.
  • BT gives children the necessities – including a place to stay, food, water, clothing and access to education and medical assistance. BT has a drop in centre, a classroom, crisis accommodation and longer term accommodation. It also has a mobile unit which goes to children on the street.
  • BT is working towards sustainability – the rice farm, cafe and hotel all generate income to fund the critical programs. The farm provides all of the rice required, saving thousands of dollars every year. It also supplies meat, eggs, milk and vegetables to the children staying at Bahay Tuluyan.
  • BT is giving young adults critical work experience. BT’s offers its young adults experience by tending the farm or working in the cafe and hotel, they are employable when they leave. Encouraging the children they work with to stay in (or return to) school and to complete skills development is seen as key ways to break the cycle of poverty.
After a bowl of soup and fresh water to drink, the children are learning to read in the park where they live.

After a bowl of soup and fresh water to drink, the children are learning to read in the park where they live.



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Videos about Bahay Tuluyan and Children’s Rights

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Learn more about the work of Bahay Tuluyan here.

If you are interested in volunteering in the Philippines, please email