What is Bahay Tuluyan?

Bahay Tuluyan is a Filipino non-government organization working particularly with children in need of special protection.   Bahay Tuluyan runs a variety of programs and services for children in the Philippines.  These programs include:

  • Residential & Emergency Shelter
  • Drop in Center
  • Mobile Unit program
  • Bridge & Formal Education
  • Independent Living Skills Program
  • Youth Leadership & Facilitation
  • Community Development
  • Participatory Action Research
  • Local and International Advocacy
  • Self Reliance & Social Enterprise

Bahay Tuluyan was established in 1987 in Manila and now operates in three provinces in the Philippines: Manila, Laguna and Quezon. For more information about Bahay Tuluyan please visit www.bahaytuluyan.org.

What is the Children’s Rights Study Tour for Teachers?

The Children’s Rights Study Tour for Teachers 2018 will be the 6th such tour run by Bahay Tuluyan.  This Tour is an opportunity for Australian teachers to learn about children’s rights issues, poverty and development close up.  The aim of the Tour is to give teachers information about social justice and development as it impacts on people in the Philippines, especially children.

The 10 day trip which will run in the September holidays will involve the following:

  • Orientation
  • Interactive Forums on:
    • Filipino Children
    • Street Children
    • Health & Education
    • Trafficking & Abuse
  • Urban and Rural school visits
  • Home Visit with an urban poor family
  • Visit to Bahay Tuluyan’s Mobile Unit street education program
  • Volunteering in Bahay Tuluyan’s residential shelters for children
  • ‘Tree of Life’ Eco Cultural Encounter
  • Voluntering on Bahay Tuluyan’s Nature Farm
  • Visit to beach and Taal volcano

The proposed itinerary, as at February 2018, is as follows:

Date Activity Accommodation
Sun 23 Sep Arrival in Manila Makabata Guesthouse & Café, Manila
Mon 24 Sep Orientation

Vibrant Communities Tour

Welcome Dinner

Makabata Guesthouse & Café, Manila
Tue 25 Sep Forum: Street children

Urban school visit

Mobile Unit

Makabata Guesthouse & Café, Manila
Wed 26 Sep Walking Tour in Intramuros

Lunch in Intramuros

Urban Homestay

Makabata Guesthouse & Café, Manila
Thur 27 Sep Return from Homestay

Drop In Center

Travel to Laguna

Orientation & Activities with children

Welcome dinner

Bahay Tuluyan Laguna
Fri 28 Sep Forum: Health & Education

Volunteering / Free Time

Dinner in Los Banos

Swimming at hot spring (optional)

Bahay Tuluyan Laguna
Sat 29 Sep Travel to Quezon

Visit to Rice Field

Tree of Life Tour

Welcome Dinner

Bahay Tuluyan Quezon
Sun 30 Sep Mass with children (optional)

Volunteering / Free Time

Dinner in Quezon

Bahay Tuluyan Quezon
Mon 1 Oct Forum: Trafficking & Abuse

Rural school visit

Visit with local government

Dinner in Quezon

Bahay Tuluyan Quezon
Tue 2 Oct Visit to Laiya beach, San Juan Sonya’s Garden, Tagaytay
Wed 3 Oct Taal Volcano & Tagaytay visit

Travel to Manila

Final dinner

Makabata Guesthouse & Café, Manila
Thurs 4 Oct Depart Philippines Makabata Guesthouse & Café, Manila


Please note that the itinerary may change.   We will do our best to keep you informed of any changes but some matters are out of our control.

Who can participate?

The Tour is open to all Australian teachers, primary or secondary on a first come first served basis.  The tour has an education focus but is not exclusively for teachers and would be appropriate for anyone interested in learning more about children’s rights.   A maximum of 10 participants will be accommodated.

If you would like to invite others, print our flyer and share at a staff meeting or on a staff notice-board.

When is the Tour?

The Tour will begin in the Philippines on Monday 24 September 2018.  All participants should be in Manila by Sunday 23 September 2018.  The Tour will conclude in Manila on the evening of Wednesday 3 October so that participants can depart any time on Thursday 4 October 2018.

Where will the Tour take place?

The Tour will take place in the region of Luzon, Philippines, which is the main island of the country.  The group will spend some time in each of Manila and the nearby provinces of Laguna, Quezon and Cavite.

Safe and secure accommodation will be provided throughout the Tour.

Who will run the Tour?

Bahay Tuluyan will run the Tour in the Philippines.  Over the 30 years of its history Bahay Tuluyan has been host to hundreds of visitors and volunteers from around the world.  It has provided interactive and meaningful children’s rights education and volunteering opportunities for people from all walks of life.  Catherine Scerri is an Australian who has worked with Bahay Tuluyan full time since 2003. She will lead the Tour in the Philippines. Catherine has considerable experience in coordinating and leading volunteer and study tours in the Philippines.  She will be assisted and supported by Bahay Tuluyan’s staff on the ground.

Preparations for the Tour will be coordinated in Australia by Bahay Tuluyan Philippines Australia.

How much will it cost?

The Tour will cost $1250 per person inclusive of all food, accommodation, travel, materials and other needs once in the Philippines.

This price does not include airfares, travel insurance or travel vaccinations.

Visas are not required for Australian citizens staying in the Philippines for less than 21 days.  Round trip airfares from Australia to the Philippines cost between $600 and $1500.

How do I get more information?

To sign up for the tour, complete this form.

To get more information about the tour or to register your interest, please email Clare Scerri at clare@aus.bahaytuluyan.org or call 9337 2124.

What was the experience like for the participants?

The 'PlayClub' - a kinder program for street children at the centre in Manila. Australian Catherine is facilitating this program.

“The trip to Bahay Tuluyan, Manila was a life changing experience for me.  Visiting schools, walking around the streets with the social workers chatting to families and checking in as to how they were was a wonderful experience. Going to Tondo where many people live and search for plastic amongst the rubbish to make some money was an extraordinary experience.  Travelling around in the local transport was amazing and lots of fun.  Meeting and interacting with local people was really moving.  I am so glad I had this opportunity to visit Bahay Tuluyan and experience all the trip offered, it has been life changing for me in the awareness of children at risk and the wonderful work that all the people connected with Bahay Tuluyan do.   When I returned I was able to share my experiences with the students at my school.  Our students were thrilled to see what their fund raising efforts had achieved.”

– Ros

“Another enriching experience gained from being on the teacher trip was the time spent in Laguna – the hostel for girls.  The few days spent there, allowed us to gain an insight into the wonderful work and commitment BT “mums” showed in providing a safe and nurturing environment for the girls.  It was heart-warming to see the relationship the girls had between each other, regardless of age and between the BT staff. It demonstrated a love and unity as one family.

“We were able to visit their local school, be entertained by their dancing during our welcome dinner and share many laughs and story.  Being on the trip, has allowed us to form a rich and purposeful connection between BT and our schools.  The photos and experiences shared with our students and school community, once we returned, have had a greater impact because and we were able to genuinely speak about the children and people we have met.  These weren’t stories we hear and read about on the news or internet.  These were authentic stories from our own experiences. This has assisted enormously in the efforts to promote the important of social justices because of it.  Our fundraisers have been purposeful and successful because we have been able to relationships and experiences.  It was truly an unforgettable and worthwhile experience.”

– Nella

“The last place we visited was the boys centre in Quezon. On arrival we participated in the Coconut tour which was lead by a group of the boys living in the Quezon shelter. During this stay we saw the organic farm and rice field which provides a source of food and income for the organisation. It was wonderful spending time with the children and visiting their local primary school. In the evening the boys taught us a few moves which was very entertaining and great to be involved in.”

– Clare


To sign up for the tour, complete this form.