Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

Here are a few stories of people who believed that they could make a difference, and they have!

Our Lady’s, Craigieburn

At Our Lady’s, everyone was so inspired by the Kidsview conference that we decided to make a difference and help Bahay Tuluyan.

The conference was inspiring and challenging and helped us realised that we are lucky and that there are much bigger problems in life.

We wanted to do something that could change someone’s else’s life for a change. We wanted to prove that anyone can make a change, even a kid. We decided that we would support Bahay Tuluyan and sell the handmade products that are made by the kids and mothers from the Philippines and then this money could help them to move forward in their lives.

We started of with the aim of $200 but as we convinced more and more students in our school to support this great cause, we well and truly exceeded our aim. Together we raised $1204.40, an amount that we were shocked to see on our calculator.

After talking to Clare from BTPA about how the money we raised could be used, she told us about a campaign to send as many children to school as possible.  Clare told us that we had raised enough money to send 5 children to school for one whole year ! WOW we thought, that would be amazing!!!

We are proud of ourselves and of our peers that we were able to raise enough money to help 5 children have an education for a year. We did what we never thought was possible, we made a change. We always assumed that Grade 6’s could never make an impact on somebody’s life, but we were wrong.

With the support of the students ,teachers and parents we have proved that anyone can make a difference.  Our efforts have given the opportunity for the kids from Bahay Tuluyan to chase their dreams and achieve their goals in the future.

We are all proud of our successful achievement and hope this is one small step for a bigger future, for us and for those five students.

Now it is your turn, age doesn’t matter.

Are YOU going to make a difference ???

Written by Krissy & Raffaela (Year 6 Justice Captains)

Sacred Heart, Geelong

From Phoebe Savickas, René Bartolo, Charlotte Bucki-Smith and Sophie Dowling

On the first of September, all the Year Nines from Sacred Heart College Geelong were involved in a social justice luncheon. It was run by us, the year level leaders, in order to raise money for ‘Bahay Tuluyan’ through giving a gold coin donation. We set it up by using the population percentages from the miniature earth video. Everyone was split up into three different categories:

  •  Brown (Extremely Poor): 180 people – Single bread roll
  •  Red (Moderately Poor): 80 people – Soup and bread roll
  •  Green (Very Rich): 20 people – Party pies, Sausage rolls, Cupcakes, Chips and Chocolate

Then we proceeded to go to every group to ask how they felt. Many people were outraged and were complaining it wasn’t fair. We asked the students whether they believed in their current lives they were rich or poor. Many girls said they would rate themselves in the richest 30% of the world. With that in mind we showed the miniature world video and some facts about world hunger. After watching the miniature earth video we posed the same question as before, many of the girls answers changed dramatically.

All of the 250 people in our year level really learned a lesson about world poverty, and how fortunate we really are. This also allowed us to realise how unfair and unjust world poverty is. We all now understand that we need to make a change and work towards ending world poverty.


Pet Rocks

Oliver (5) and Joshua (3) wanted to help the children of Bahay Tuluyan. They collected rocks and added googly eyes, hair and mouths to create pet rocks. They sold them for ‘$1 or more’ to everyone they met. The rocks were in high demand and the boys raised over $1000. Their largest order was for hundreds of pet rocks as teacher Christmas presents for a secondary college!


James Kinder Art

James (5) wanted to make a difference. He created works of art at kinder and sold them for 10c. He raised hundreds of dollars. When he visited the Philippines with his family, he helped to buy bags of rice for the children of Bahay Tuluyan.

YouTube Video of Rocks and Kinder Art efforts

A Home of Our Own Campaign

Facing eviction from hospital grounds, Bahay Tuluyan needed a ‘Home Of Our Own’. With the ambitious dream to raise $1,000,000, the support of BTPA was invaluable. With the generosity of the Planet Wheeler foundation and the culmination of many fundraisers, the dream has been realised. Bahay Tuluyan has now built their own centre in Manila which will assist thousands of the world’s most vulnerable children.

School Fundraisers

Inspired by the KidsView conferences, many schools embark on efforts to support the ongoing work of Bahay Tuluyan. Schools have held casual clothes days, toy sales, competitions, markets, concerts as successful fundraisers for BTPA.