BTPA’s Information Brochure

Our Story

Australian, Catherine Scerri, has been living in the Philippines and working with Bahay Tuluyan since 2003. BT is an organisation which works to support the protection and enhancement of children’s rights in the Philippines. She saw the enormous need and put out a call to her family and friends in Australia to support BT. Since then, countless Australian volunteers have worked with BTPA and volunteered with Bahay Tuluyan in the Philippines. We are proud to be 100% volunteer run, with almost no administrative costs and high levels of reporting and accountability. The impact of our fundraising efforts are obvious in the Philippines.

Our Vision

BTPA is committed to building a compassionate global community where every child’s rights are respected, protected and fulfilled.

Our Mission

BTPA is a children’s rights organisation providing opportunities for Australians to make lasting change towards a  socially just world and building the capacity of our partner organisation in the Philippines to work with children living in poverty. We do this through education, advocacy, volunteering and sustainable development programs.


Our Values

  • Rights based framework
  • Empowerment and participation
  • Sustainability
  • Ethics and fairness
  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Mutual respect

Our Goals

1. Have 15,000 people participate in advocacy event run by or involving BTPA and to inspire or support 1000 people to take action to create a socially just world.

2. Build the capacity of Bahay Tuluyan to empower and support 20% more children thorought its programs and increase by 20% our financial, material and human resource support of BT, with an emphasis on self-reliance projects.

3. Develop processes and structures to strengthen and diversify BTPA and our partnership with BT into the future.

Our Origins

In 2003, a group of Australian volunteers returned from Bahay Tuluyan in the Philippines. Touched by their experience in the Philippines, they were inspired to form Bahay Tuluyan Philippines Australia so they could continue to support Bahay Tuluyan. This small but dedicated group of volunteers worked hard to make BTPA what it is today. BTPA is now a tax registered incorporation based in Essendon, Victoria. Every year we send thousands of dollars to help Bahay Tuluyan with their work in the Philippines. In addition, through KidsView BTPA works with hundreds of students across numerous schools to become social justice ambassadors.


Explore the links above and below to find out more about our activities and programs.

The 'PlayClub' - a kinder program for street children at the centre in Manila. Australian Catherine is facilitating this program.

The ‘PlayClub’ – a kinder program for street children at the centre in Manila. Australian, Catherine Scerri, is facilitating this program.