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12 Days of Kindness

 Thanks for getting involved with our 12 Days of Kindness! Download and print the three pages. Have a look through the list and decide which activities you can manage as a family. You could cut them out and paste them on the calendar. Alternatively, you could pop your favourite ones into a jar and choose a surprise option each day. You can do 12 days … or every day of December … or any number of days which suit your family. It is up to you!


If you are donating, follow the link below. Where it says ‘In honour of a person or occasion’, let us know which ‘Day of Kindness’ you are donating for. Donations are tax deductible.


Share Your Efforts

We would love if you could share your efforts on Facebook or Instagram and tag BTPA. Alternatively, email Anne (anne@btpa.org.au) and let her know if we can share your story.  At our event on Sunday 20th (5pm) we will share some of the stories and announce our ‘Kindness Champion’!


Donate a Toothbrush

Buy a toothbrush for a child at Bahay Tuluyan. Drop it in the letterbox at 21 Cooper St, Essendon. 


Make up a Poem

What sort of poem can you write about BTPA? Perhaps you can try a poetry slam? Don’t forget to share it with us. 

A Christmas Message

Can you draw a picture? Make a card? Save it as a JPEG or PDF and send it via Catherine – catherine.scerri@bahaytuluyan.org

Say thanks to a BT Frontliner

The staff at BT are amazing. Make sure they know. Send an email via Catherine – catherine.scerri@bahaytuluyan.org or post on social media.

New School Shoes

Bahay Tuluyan helps children go to school. Help by donating $10 for a pair of school shoes.


Bahay Tuluyan does lots of work with children so they know their rights and how to protect them. Here is a list of the UN’s Rights of the Child. Which do you think are most important? Why?

New Kids Undies

Buy 3 pairs of new kids’ undies and drop them in the letterbox at 21 Cooper St Essendon. 

Record a Message

Can you sing / dance / perform for the children at Bahay Tuluyan? They would love to watch it. Email it to Catherine – catherine.scerri@bahaytuluyan.org

Foreign Aid

Every year the Federal Government spends money supporting other countries. Find out about the aid budget and consider how you would change it. 

Final Celebration

On Sunday 20th at 5pm, we will connect with some children at Bahay Tuluyan for a final celebration. 

RSVP Required – email anne@btpa.org.au if you would like to attend.

Buy a Christmas hamper

Bahay Tuluyan wants to buy hampers for local families for Christmas. The hamper will include essentials. Donate $25 to help one family.

Make a Rice Dish

Bahay Tuluyan owns a rice farm to grow organic black rice for the children. They sell what they don’t eat. What rice dish can you make?

A Christmas Decoration

Can you make a Christmas decoration with a Bahay Tuluyan theme to it? Maybe you could recreate the logo? Or write a message? 

Learn 5 New Facts

Bahay Tuluyan is a pretty incredible organisation. Visit their website and find out 5 new things.

Donate 5kg of Rice

Filipino kids enjoy rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Can you donate a 5kg bag for $5? 

Give up treats

Choose something to go without today (lollies, dessert, take away). Make a donation instead.

3 Friends to Like Our Page

Have you ‘liked’ us on Facebook? Can you get three friends to like us too?

Soap and Shampoo

Donate $5 so BT can buy hygiene products for the children they care for. 

Post on Facebook

Can you post of Facebook about BTPA? If you want our cute Bitmoji to use, email Anne – anne@btpa.org.au

Watch a clip on the SDGS

The Sustainable Development Goals are a blueprint for a sustainable world. Watch this clip to understand more.

Draw a Picture

Have a look at Bahay Tuluyan’s work. Can you draw a picture of one of their programs / impacts?


Happyland is an area in Manila where the mobile unit reaches out to vulnerable children. Take a virtual tour of Happyland.

Friends Donation

Chat with friends and family. Can you pull together a $100 donation?

Find Out What Social Enterprise Is

Bahay Tuluyan runs 5 social enterprises. Read about the different social enterprises here. Why do you think BT runs social enterprises?

Tell a friend about BTPA

Pick up the phone, send an email, visit a friend, post on social media. Let them know what BTPA does. 

Follow BTPA on Instagram

We are new to Instagram and would love followers! Search btpa_kidsview

Indian Tukka

One of our wonderful supporters – Indian Tukka On Buckley – will donate $5 for every person who buys a meal in December and mentions BTPA. (191 Buckley St Essendon)

BT on YouTube

Bahay Tuluyan has made a series of clips for YouTube. Check them out here.

Monthly Sponsorship

We are so grateful for small regular contributions so we can provide predictable income to BT. Go to the ‘Donate’ page for more info.

Millennium Goals

Read about the Millennium Goals. Look through BT’s website to decide which ones they are working towards.

Sell Something

Do you have something you no longer need? Or could you make something to sell? Donate the earnings to BTPA.