KidsView 2020

KidsView 2020 will be held during Term 2. Over the next two weeks, we hope to finalise the venues and dates for the conferences and incursions.

We aim to hold 6 conferences, spread strategically around Melbourne. This will allow time for 13 incursions. 

Conferences – Host Schools Required

A KidsView Conference involves multiple schools sending representatives to a single day. This format suits schools who prefer only a small group (up to 15) to attend. We require schools to host these conferences.

A host school needs: 

  • A large hall to accommodate up to 100 students
  • A kitchen to prepare food
  • A data projector and screen
  • Suitable areas to hold up to eight workshops. 
    • We can hold the workshops in the hall, but break out areas makes it easier for the students to concentrate.

We would give the host school a discounted price of $10 per student.

If you would like to be a host school, please select the buttons below. We would appreciate your reply by Friday 18th October. We will then select the most suitable areas to host conferences, ensuring a spread across Melbourne.

Host a Conference or Incursion

If you would like to attend a conference (but not host), we will open bookings later in Term 4. 


KidsView Incursions allow large groups of students to participate, often entire year levels. In addition to the host school requirements, we would need:

  • Teachers to facilitate the workshops. All training and resources are provided. The workshops work best with a ratio of 1:15.  
  • A maximum of 100 students, although this can be negotiated

The cost is $10 per student, with a minimum of $800 for the day. In the past, some smaller schools have co-hosted an incursion with another local school.

If you are interested in an incursion please select the button below.

Host a Conference or Incursion